Antioxidants and Health

Antioxidants and Health Benefits

Health is the balance between oxidation and antioxidants. If free radicals tip the scales towards oxidation, this causes oxidative stress, which is responsible of most diseases and premature ageing.

Drinking hydrogen water helps to lower the body’s oxidation level, tipping the balance towards health.

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Hydrogen as an antioxidant

Hydrogen as an antioxidant Benefits

In 1966, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Work and Welfare accepted that ionized water had health benefits and authorised domestic equipment for producing this water. In 1994, to encourage the use of ionized water in Japanese society, the Functional Waters Foundation was created with support from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Work and Welfare.

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pH of Water

pH of Water Benefits

Hydrogen-rich water is an antioxidant and it prevents acidification to avoid oxidation, with the advantage of having a pH of 7 to 7.5, very similar to that of blood, and weak mineralisation, giving it the benefits of both “alkalizing water” and light water.

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